Vendor Development & Investors Summit

Manufacturing sector has been recognized as the main engine for economic growth and creation of wealth and accordingly emphasis was placed on growth of industry in most of the five years plans. Vendor Development & Investors Summit programme announced by Government of India is one of the major decisions to promote manufacturing sector in India.

CPSUs, SPSUs and Large units require various parts, components, accessories and services. Vendor developments programme providers a platform for bridging the gap between the requirements of large units and production capabilities of MSMEs. To bridge the gap there is need to have mutual understanding between MSMEs and Large Scale Enterprises by way of partnership among them to come with state of art production capabilities.

This programme will act as common platform for CPSUs, SPSUs and large units to identify vendors of their choice in terms of production capacity and quality standards. This programme will also help MSMEs to understanding the need of the CPSUs, SPSUs and Large units and for displaying their capabilities.

In addition this programme will help MSMEs in their production plan and diversify their products if necessary. It will also help to expand their capacities according to the needs of CPSUs and large units.