Bengaluru Rural

Close proximity to a world-class city offers an enormous advantage to Bengaluru Rural. With more than 9000 small scale industries in the region, Bengaluru Rural has immense potential for MSMEs in agriculture and allied products. It is a pioneer in silk production which is well supported by a healthy domestic and global demand. More than 60% of its sown area focuses on cereals along with several fruits that grow in the region.

Infrastructure & Resources


The district has a total land area of 2,298 sq. km with 25.80% of uncultivated land and 4.03% of forest cover. Conditions are congenial for sericulture, horticulture and livestock rearing. Land Bank Availability: 852.3 acres


The region has three rivers - Arkavati, Kanva and Dakshina Pinakini to serve the needs of the district. Bengaluru Rural is gifted with good rainfall of 650 mm that covers 90% of the region. Reservoirs and tanks are extensively used for storage of water to irrigate and more.


Bengaluru Rural's power requirements are completely met by Bengaluru Electricity Supply Company Limited. The power consumption in the region stands at 638.29 MU for industries and 207.47 MU for the domestic sector.

Natural Resources

The district has several natural resources like granite and feldspar, making the granite industry a potential sector in the region.

Human Resources

Bengaluru Rural has a literacy rate of almost 78%. Access to some of the best scientific and engineering institutions in Bengaluru Urban makes this place teeming with talent.


The place has access to two international airports, Bengaluru and Hyderabad, along with several domestic airports. There are also five railway stations spread across a rail route of 204.39 km. Being well-connected with Bengaluru Urban gives it access to three national highways and four major ports across the country.

Living in Bengaluru Rural

Temperatures in Bengaluru Rural vary between 15 degree celsius and 34 degree celsius. The district has well-developed infrastructure and access to basic amenities.