Bengaluru Urban

The Silicon Valley of India, the largest technology base of Asia, and the fourth-largest technology hub in the world; Bengaluru Urban needs no introduction. Located in the southeastern part of Karnataka, Bengaluru Urban has over 315 large scale industries and 211 medium scale industries across sectors like Information Technology, Biotechnology, Aerospace and Food Processing. There are more than 16 industrial areas of which Peenya is the largest industrial cluster. The region is also designated as a Class A destination for floriculture and has immense potential for the production of millets.

Infrastructure & Resources


Bengaluru has a huge uncultivated land bank of 40.76%. About 14.09% of its land is used for agriculture, and it has a minuscule 1.49% of forest cover.


Water for the region is sourced from rivers Arkavathi and Cauvery for drinking purposes. However, Bengaluru Urban has 461 water tanks of various capacities serving the irrigation needs. Additionally, 82% of cultivable area is rain fed.


BESCOM or Bengaluru Electricity Supply Company Limited is in charge of power transmission to the district of Bengaluru Urban. The district has an annual average consumption of 14,225 MU with industrial consumption at 28% and domestic consumption at 33%.

Natural Resources

The region has natural reserves of feldspar and migmatites while the soil of Bengaluru Urban consists of red laterite and red fine loamy to clay.

Human Resources

Bengaluru Urban is home to several leading institutions like Indian Institute of Science, Indian Institute of Management Sciences, PES University and MS Ramaiah Institute, among several others.


Bengaluru's Kempegowda International Airport is the fourth busiest airport in India. Bengaluru is also connected by rail to most cities in Karnataka and across India, with total rail route of 148.32 km and 18 railway stations in the district. By road, it has access across three national highways, and port access is provided by Mangaluru and Karwar.

Living in Bengaluru Urban

Temperatures in Bengaluru Urban vary between 6 degree celsius and 37 degree celsius. The district provides access to some of the world’s best resources and infrastructure.