Chitradurga is witnessing high winds of change. IISc is set to start a second campus here. The district has one of the best high-wind sites in the country making it the fourth - largest producer of wind energy. Agriculture dominates the economy with over 50% of the net area under cultivation. Major cultivations include paddy, ragi, jowar and maize. Rich in animal wealth it has a total cattle population of 1.5 million, and poultry population of 0.9 million as per the 17th livestock census. Powered well, textile constitutes the second-highest number of large & medium industries in the district along with approximately 12% of SSI units in the district.

Infrastructure & Resources


The district has a total land area of 8,436 sq. km with 9.5% of forest cover. It has 15.79% of uncultivated land and a remaining land of 24.06%.


The River Vedavati, a tributary of Tungabhadra flows through the district meeting its needs along with the 744 mm annual rainfall the region receives. Tanks and reservoirs are used for water storage extensively.


Power transmission in the district is being done by Bengaluru (Bangalore) Electricity Supply Company Limited (BESCOM). It receives power from Sharavati Hydel Generating Station and has one receiving station in Hiriyur with a capacity of 220 MVA. Average annual consumption is 464.27 LU (Industry) and 1,060.75 LU (Domestic).

Natural Resources

Along with rich deposits of limestone, it has deep reserves of iron, manganese ore, copper and green quartz too.

Human Resources

An upcoming second campus for IISC spread across 2000 acres and various science hubs that are going to come up across the district are creating a region that fosters research.


The Kempegowda International Airport and three other airports Mangaluru (Mangalore), Hubballi (Hubli) and Mysuru (Mysore) ensure high accessibility for trade and commerce. National highways NH4 and NH13 and a broad-gauge rail route of 165.27 km connect the district to major cities. Mangaluru, Karwar, Goa and Chennai provide seaport connectivity.

Living in Chitradurga

Temperatures in Chikkamagaluru vary between 15 degree celsius and 37 degree celsius. The district has all the basic amenities and provides excellent access to resources.